Muse Around and Get Shot. Los Angeles, 101, a primer in the value of individual expression.

This is the post excerpt.


If anywhere in America could carry the title of “crusher of real talent” or other honorifics like”the garbage disposal for authentic expression” Los Angeles and it’s corporate butties would be the perfect spokespeople. Oh, wait: Hollywood already said that. With a little help, from their creative lil’ pal’s in Virginia, of course!

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Muse Around and Get Shot: if you said that on Twitter, the local Fusion Center would monitor you. If you said that while organizing a protest, the fed’s would add you to a special list.

While any moron can pick up a mass media product anywhere, as MSM products literally litter sidewalks and garage sales all over this city, and the effete’ actually have turned garbage into art, the real talent is everywhere, unseen, because it lurks in the heart of those of us who-somehow-still believe that our individuality, and the ability to express it has meaning. And, those of us who got caught up in ‘the streets’ or whatever, before we could become the effete’.

But too, individuality is all that we have-guaranteed by our Constitution, and the rights of due process-and all that we have worth fighting for as so-called collectivists and their associated banksters prey upon each one of us down to the most strained tendons and the sorest bones of our identity  and by purchasing our police outright, cheaper than bath-tub crack, with politically divisive politics that are co-opting our institutions of government through blackmail and subversive spying, destroying our Constitutional liberty.

As such, I am occasionally thrilled to meet those who have maintained the best of what that is supposed to be- a risk taker, and a dangerous photographer, disguised as a retail worker:


I can’t speak for you, or REnneB featured above who blogs at, but it’s a great leap of faith to think that when citizens alow their government to spy on them without warrants, pretexts, or probable cause-it’s a great leap forwards to imagine that good things will happen.

And I can’t speak for the internet switch in my head that is connected directly to Hollywood via sattellite feed, and programmed in Langley Virginia when it is shouting “NOOOO! Individuality must die before the OCTOPUS can live!!!! Did Holden Caulfield stand at the edge of the cliff for naught? And: look what happens when you do your own thing with “your” talent!” without allowing one or another tentacle of the HYDRA to wrap itself up in your butt-strings ( this is a cautionary tale of journalism, individuality, creative expression, and the power of the written/spoken/song/image/ word to get the authoritaaaaaays!!! all hopped up about turrerrrisms and other important state created BS)”

And then, of course, Holden responding:

“The mark of an immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.”

– The words of poet and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Steckel, passed on to Holden by his former teacher Mr. Antolini

I dunno. Maybe it was all in my head, that weird voice constantly nagging me about the rights we hold dear, impaled by the surveillance state thathas not only crossed the Constitutional line, but ALSO has gone to the next level, trying to program us all like little, easy to lose Micro-SD cards. Or, maybe it was me, and that one, actual photoo that RenneB gave me where I said to myself: wow-one transaction, one human to another, is the ONLY way we can preserve either art, or liberty.

But you can decide for yourself, if there is a you left when “they” get done with our Constitutional liberties.

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