Please, Arab/Chinese/African/’Other’ World, come, and take these ‘progressive’ white women off our hands. I am begging you.

Moroccan Slave Dresses are in this year! [Real Moroccan Dresses here]



In the western world, with its prison industrial complex, and it’s shortage of unbiased media, there is a tendency to privilege one narrative over another, with the net sum effect of having a flock of Mockingbirds that create an echo-chamber, each voice reflecting only it’s own tone, and each song it’s same note. The western, progressive white woman IS that ‘voice,’ and be worried-very worried- if she raises that voice at YOU.

Revolution NOW! Save the Western White Woman-please take her off our hands! Please! Please! Please!!!! Western men are literally dying for her, but you can do if you play your cards right! (Please take her off our hands!)

When the revolution succeeds, cut its thorns off! (image credit RFAD)

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In the west, 30 something “progressive” white females are that sum and total gaggle of mind stifling noise. Being that most of them are women from single mother households, raised on state dollars, and all the other freebies that the international banksters fed them (which is why one of their chief issues is body image, and fat).

Here is the white progressive female’s philosopphy as stated by their iconic Fertility Goddess, Andrea Dworkin:

Image result for Andrea dworkin meme high heeled shoe

You don’t have to believe me-have a look at white female writing, and white female philosophy-and keep in mind that here is an entire industry-the Rape Hysteria Industrial Complex– that feeds these morons even MORE pabulum than a real life mind controlled CIA zombie, but because these women are products of trance formation, they have the exceptional privilege of credit cards with which to shop(yours).

Fertility Goddesses in the west are VERY hungry-our national debt-have a look at this number $18,152,809,942,589, which represents how much these women will cost YOU as they build new Rape Industrial Complexes (RIC), Domestic Violence Industrial Complexes(DVIC), and more in YOUR town or village-and then have a look at ths girl below-she is their secret icon, and the only church she will ever attend faithfully:

Image result for fertility goddess images

The great majority of these women are just ripe and ready- for you to get them the hell out of here-because no one wants them, not even you, once you figure out what they are, and your paychecks, and hard earned family dollars become theirs, due to our other industry- the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex.

SO don’t take my word for it-peruse their philosophy, read their writing, and watch the things they watch; consume the things they consume.

Image result for Andrea dworkin meme high heeled shoe

Then compare it with what you know about reality-or what other women think about this other moronic incarnation of state-sponsord, white-privileged “woman,”(and her, designed to entrap the dollars of new immigrants like you,maybe.)


And remember: in America, women with children (yours maybe) are ALWAYS right, even when they are wrong/on crack/convicted felons/meth dealers-and look who’s coming after you if you make her mad!
This is what assinine sheriff’s all across America will do for the women who work for the International banker’s and Domestic Violence industrial Complex (DVIC) dollars.

From Debbie

There’s a picture of a burly sheriff in a smokey-the-bear hat, lacing up knee-high, high heel boots. If he had to actually chase a criminal, I would LITERALLY fall on the ground laughing at him.

Many – not all, maybe not even most, but many – sexual offenders have been emasculated by somebody in their past….mother, ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, etc. So we’re going to HELP sexual assault victims by PUBLICLY emasculating more men? There’s definitely some unwashed, female PhD in Women’s Studies wearing a hemp dress thinking this crap up.


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How White Women’s Tears oppress women of color


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