Who are the Homeboys in YOUR neighborhood? If you see something, TELL A NEIGHBOR FIRST.

Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Cafe items are now available at more than 20 local markets across the city. Our teams of trainees bring fresh baked bread, creative salads and other goods to neighborhood farmers markets throughout Los Angeles. These locations are constantly updated. We look forward to seeing you there!


Have you heard about Homeboy Industries? I  bumped into them again, and walked crossed the street to see what they were up to. Turns out, it was the Culver City Farmers market.

While it’s fashionable to hate on Hipsters and gentrification, I remember when that block was just another dirty LA street that no one ever seriously patronized or noticed, tucked in off of Venice Blvd between a bunch of other blocks that no one ever noticed. Except those who lived there, of course.

And, who doesn’t hate crappy neighbors like Snapchat who move in and treat the neighborhood like they own it? Snapchat is part of the “if you see something say something” social engineering scheme that uses photography as a way to destroy individuals, and free expresion by glutting the market with it, while at the same time, encouraging all of us to rat each other out like common snitches.

I can’t speak for you, but I personally believe that rats SHOULD get stitches under most circumstances. And really-what’s up with ALL of American society living by the sae rules that run the prisons? Everyone is petrified that their new neighbor is a otential pedophile-call the cops! Maybe they have something I don’t have-how did they get it? Call the cops!

I dunno. But I do know that Private Prison Lobbyists deserve a few stitches, and maybe, a few senators too.

Martin holding a loaf of Homeboy Industries white bread. But the real find there was the jalapeno cream cheese croissant. That, and Martin reminding me he is camera shy due to the way that the system treats ‘offenders.’ That, and maybe some old beef (which I didn’t find at the market, though you CAN get great beef jerky there).

And I remember back in da’ day when men like Martin were constant and chronic suspects in a narrative where some social forces exploited others in society, and then stepped back as if they had done nothing wrong and left men like Martin holding the bag-literally(that’s an inside joke).

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This holding the bag theme is a social constant, one where the truly criminal never get caught or punished, while other’s are scapegoated as criminals. And it is an especially useful tool to all of those in the corporate sponsored private prison industrial complex to point the finger and say “bad menz!” while they turn America into a state of warrantless surveillance, and destroy families. Suuuure. Gentrification is the problem, alright. As long as they (whoever they are) keep US focused on race and other divisive issues that do nothing to solve the crisis of over-policing hre in America, and scapegoating of fathers, brothers, and sons.

Those Homeboys, always up to something-we gotta keep an eye on them and all that. Or, if you have any sense, support them in all they do, providing jobs, and helpingto rebuild communities, and families.

For the most part, the gentrification issue is a false flag- abunch of beans with a scary name- that benefits no one except large developers like Larry Silverstein, at the expense of old neighbors meeting new ones-and creating mutually beneficial, and locally sustainable economies.

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