Us versus them food: a primer in racist food and danger.

Who doesn’t want to eat dangerous foods? Certainly, the world needs more of those. And writers like Tahlia Pritchard, who herself would taste delicious on a skewer. Where are all the cannibals when you need them? Oh, here they are, quoted in Ms. Pritchards white-phobic, racist article.

I think food should be dagerous-where ARE those guys who will spit a loogie into Ms. Pritchard’s next hamburger, or who will stir some pee into her wine? Her white guilt is so crushing, that she might just need that extra push over the cliff, with the rest of the “white” flock.

And this sort of madness over race is kiling our ability to see that such divisions by design keep us from talking about real isues-like how international finanant stories.e importce, the MIC, the DVIC, and those in media keep us squabbing as real journalists like Michael Hastings are picked off in mysterious circumstances right before they writ

Buzzfeed-the online news service that once hosted the excellent investigative journalism, and the well researched, well sourced writing of murdered Hastings, which critiqued the endess wars that are fought for the white female privilege of Tahlia(a Hebrew name) has now become a sort of repository for these types of women whose whiteness seems to burden them-especialy at binge-eating time (brush after each binge, Tahlia!).

Here-have a look at things that make Tahlia nauseous-and maybe, slip a loogie into her next bowl of Pho, because food should be dangerous-to those who divide us:

17 Foods That White People Have Ruined

Stop that.

Posted on November 16, 2016, at 9:02 p.m.